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Rage Warehouse is a Pawtucket, Rhode Island based movie production company. Besides producing short movies for people online Rage Warehouse has been assisting other filmmakers with their works, writing and pitching scripts, and writing magazine articles.

The name Rage Warehouse comes from a building on Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge near the MIT campus. Its architecture blocks out the 'STO' in the word 'STORAGE' Matt Goltz and Chris Miller often considered starting a movie company using the name. it wasn't until years later that Chris set up the Rage Warehouse website and started to produce short movies that the idea became a reality. Chris invited Matt and another friend Edward Higgins to join him in producing movies under the rage warehouse brand name. Sadly Ed dropped out after his second plumber movie. Hopefully matt will contribute something during the second year of being in business.

*(unfortunately not all of our movies are currently available online)