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In COCOT Hacking, Chris Miller takes you inside the world of Phone Phreaking. With the aid of the beautiful Lindsey and foul-mouthed Justin, Chris will teach you exactly what you need to know.

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Starring: Chris Miller, Lindsey Tibbets, Justin Ballard

Videographer: Matthew Goltz

Running Time: 5:27

Format: 8mm Color Video

Director: Chris Miller


Notes from:

Chris "just a basic cocot hacking tutorial video i shot in 1996. it centers mostly around the 800# trick and its variants for bypassing the cocots software. it was one of the first things i ever did with my new video camera and part of the reason i bought it. too bad i never distributed it or showed it around in any way. most of the information is dated by now and the phreaking books i was going to release at the same time entitled 'telesabotage' and 'boxing manual' were either stolen by exgirlfreinds with a grudge or dissapeared during the numerous police raids i suffered through at that time in my life. perhaps if i ever get bored enough i'll reconstruct 'telesabotage' only because that had a lot of stuff that can't be dated as far as giving a lone individual tools to wreak havoc with major corporations with little or no risk. then again i dont want to encourage that type of behavior anymore now that i am a responsible adult.

lindsey was great putting up with the shoot because i literally had to drag her out of bed and away from the phone where her boyfriend was in detox and trying to call her. matt got some great shots but once again the only problem with some of his footage is that he tends to talk into the scene. i guess it comes from working with silent film so much.

even though i had a limited script to work from i tended to over shoot some scenes and under shoot others or even completely omit them. the script was for a much more complex tutorial. lindsey didnt quite grasp the technique of the 800# trick and i should have rectified that before getting into the shoot so it looked more like she knew what she was doing. justin who was along for the shoot did some great improv phone calls, all of which couldn't be included, which is a shame.

special thanks to terri for driving the whole cast and crew around all day. "