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Chris Miller has become the Spielberg of evil clown movies. Nightmare, one of his earliest, is also one of the best. With a haunting musical score and dynamic camerawork (by Matthew Goltz, pre-Rage Warehouse), Nightmare tells the story of a young man obsessed by clowns, and the girlfriend who demands he lose them. When she forces him to destroy his favorite clown, he is unable to supress the rage within...

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Starring: Chris Miller, Anna Barber

Videographer: Matthew Goltz

Running Time: 4:27

Format: 8mm Color Video

Director: Chris Miller


Notes from:

Chris the footage was shot in 1997 around the oak grove area and at the time i thought it was a completley wasted shoot. there are several scenes which i forgot to shoot, most noticibaly the transition between them going up the hill and them stopping to talk. the whole thing is based on a dream i had and was only roughly outlined on a peice of paper. the weird thing about that dream was that after i started to write the idea down a friend called and she had had the same dream about me on the same night.

all the dialogue was improved and so most of it was unusable because i kept breaking character and making everyone laugh. then there was this awkward hugging makeup scene before the clown pushed anna off the cliff that i screwed up royally. its a shame too because anna barber was a great actress and helped keep me on track.

i decided to make it basically a music video to cover up some of the bad audio and dialogue. while editing it became readily apparent to me the differences between matt and mine shooting styles. everytime i thought he had a shot i liked the camera would shake or change scene. also matt is used to being the director and kept prompting me to do things that i didn't want the main character to do. still he came out with some good shots and i couldnt have done it without him. for a short this one more than some of the others to date taught me the most about directing and filmmaking.