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Static, photocopies, and a computer voice are all animated together in this experimental short video by Chris Miller.

Starring: Chris Miller

Director: Chris Miller

Running Time: 1:41

Format: 8mm Color Video


Notes from: Chris

First of all let me just say that the Real Media version of this movie looses a lot from the original. Like the title and credits, several pictures and it also makes my animation of the photocopies not quite as impressive. And this is the best version i could get out of Real Producer after several tries in various modes.

'There is no Message' was an idea i had for sending one message through as many media loops as i possibly could. the point of the whole thing was that the message didn't have to have any meaning, i was just doing it to do it. so i created a small text message about the path it was going to take and sent it via email to a college club email account. they had at the time the ability to call an 800# and have the computer read text email to you over the long distance lines. i then recorded the computers audio interpretation of my message and while listening to it photocpied my face saying the words on a copiing machine. then i animated the the photocopies and added titles and an audio background beat. after that it was sent out through the postal system and broadcast over the internet.

the there is no message theme i also tried to broadcast in other ways, classified ads, random posts on the 'net and even a place in the High Times message board at the back of a few issues. is there really a point? i'm not sure.

the photo copies i used in the animation didn't come out anywhere near as good as i imagined. i used to photocopy my face and other body parts at my last job and though the machine was far smaller and cheaper the copies came out better and with more depth.

to make the copies i had to find time alone in the office at work and shut off all of the lights, computer monitors and security monitors. in more than a few of the copies moisture from my breath condensed on the glass of the copiing machine making it look like i was drooling or had a runny nose.

this text is longer than the damn movie. so if you read this just watch the damn thing.