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In a world where women have been replaced by stuffed animals, a man known only as 'The Plumber' owns the title of "World's Greatest Lover". But what happens when he meets a woman who's sexual appetite even he cannot handle?

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Starring: Edward Higgins, A Teddy Bear

Running Time: 2:43

Format: 8mm Color Video

Director: Edward Higgins

Producer: Chris Miller


Notes from: Ed

One extremely boring Sunday afternoon in October, shortly after I had moved in with Chris, I got tired of watching the Patriots lose, and started looking around for stuff to do. I had, within my reach, a video camera, a teddy bear, and a telephone company helmet. I immediately imagined a heartwarming tale of a lonely bear and the misunderstood repairman. All that was left was to call Chris at work and ask him "where's the gun?".

He loves it when I ask him things like that while he's at work. Like the time I called him to ask why someone would want to kill the president. He was very happy with me for that.

As for why a Plumber is wearing an obvious telephone company helmet, there is a very complicated story for that, which involves a grand piano and several dozen thai hookers, but we'd best save that for another time.