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In the sequel to the critically acclaimed "The Plumber", our hero comes across a man who has stolen his title as "World's Greatest Lover". Could this mysterious man be The Plumber's long lost brother?

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Starring: Edward Higgins, Edward Higgins, A Teddy Bear

Running Time: 2:11

Format: 8mm Color Video

Director: Edward Higgins

Producer: Chris Miller

Lighting: Autumn Miller

Stunt Double: Chris Miller


Notes from: Ed

After the original Plumber movie became such a hit with friends and family (all Chris', of course, for I have neither.), we decided to make Rage Warehouse's first sequel. Unfortunately, we were very drunk at the time, and the results were far too horrible to show to anybody, even that damn indian guy who works at the store down the street and always tries to gip me on my cigarettes.

We chalked it up to a learning experience, until another boring night came along, and we decided to have another go at it. This was a groundbreaking film for us, for two important reasons:

1) It is the first Rage Warehouse movie filmed entirely on digital... there was no tape involved whatsoever.

2) It is the first film in the history of modern cinema to take place entirely in one room. (excepting, of course, "20 Shots", but that doesn't count because Chris is gay.) It was a pretty fun movie to make, as we broke several pieces of furniture trying to film fight scenes, and I had to shoot all of my Evil Plumber scenes, before shaving and changing into costume for regular Plumber (somehow forgetting that the original Plumber had facial hair.).

We are planning a third in the series, to be titled "Plumber in love". Look for it in the next two months.