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Stick Figure Massacre

Mass Murder isn't always funny and Stick Figure Massacre is no exception.

So stop dancing with my girlfriend!

You think you're better than me?!?

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Director: Chris Miller

Running Time: 00:23

Format: Flash 5


Notes from: Chris

not the first flash animation i ever did but its the first i finished. after seeing a few other stick figure animations on the web and web sites dedicated to stick figure death movies i thought what the hell, i'm trying to learn how to do this animation shit and stick figures? could it get any easier? so three days later i got this little animation.


Oh yeah, This page is seriously under construction as my friggan computer wont let me run dreamweaver or half a dozen other friggan programs because i deleted some damn .dll file that they need to open. argh! my video camera doesn't work and my computer wont edit video. i'm unemployed and going broke fast....

...like you care. read the damn diary i got going if you want a microscope on my life in collapse.