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There's a man on the loose in America.... a man so dangerous that the combined armed forces are searching the nation for him. Who is this man who strikes fear deep into the heart of Washington?

He's Ed.

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Starring: Edward Higgins

Running Time: 00:95

Format: 8mm Color Video

Director: Chris Miller


Notes from: Ed

'Threat' has a very strange back story behind it.

I decided, a while ago, that I am a very boring person. One of the things I attempted to do, in order to make myself more interesting, was to become a genuine, bona-fide 'threat to national security'. I still can't explain my reasoning for this, other than the fact that it would make great conversation at parties.

So I made a t-shirt that said "THREAT" in big black letters on my chest (two, actually), and started wearing it around. From there, we ended up filming some segments of me sleeping with rockets firing and planes taking off and the white house and a bunch of random crap that makes sense to everyone on this planet whose name happens to be Chris Miller, but not a single other soul.

Now we're (apparently) making a feature film out of this, so we'll see how that goes. In the meantime, take a gander at the preview. We make such great previews...