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Heres a complete list of our movies, if they arent on the left under now showing it means that we dont have an online version for you to view, sorry. But feel free to read the descriptions and behind the scenes notes if you like.


Static, photocopies, and a computer voice are all animated together in this experimental short video by Chris Miller.


By far the most watched movie in the history of Rage Warehouse. Porn is a very short experimental film by Chris Miller that is not only easy to download, but with a title like Porn who can resist?

Chris Miller has become the Spielberg of evil clown movies. Nightmare, one of his earliest, is also one of the best. With a haunting musical score and dynamic camerawork (by Matthew Goltz, pre-Rage Warehouse), Nightmare tells the story of a young man obsessed by clowns, and the girlfriend who demands he lose them. When she forces him to destroy his favorite clown, he is unable to supress the rage within...


Want to play a fun drinking game?

Are you an alcoholic loner with no one to drink with?

Your troubles are over, drink along with Chris Miller as he toasts the top mass murderers in recent history. Keep up without killing yourself and you win.


In COCOT Hacking, Chris Miller takes you inside the world of Phone Phreaking. With the aid of the beautiful Lindsey and foul-mouthed Justin, Chris will teach you exactly what you need to know.


There's a man on the loose in America.... a man so dangerous that the combined armed forces are searching the nation for him. Who is this man who strikes fear deep into the heart of Washington?

He's Ed.


Poor Luke Seviere. He injures himself getting out of bed, gets the shit kicked out of him, gets fired from work, and becomes the target of a government assasination conspiracy, all in one day.

Some guys just don't have any luck.


A parody of the film 'Goodfellas', Goodfloaters is an inside look at the world of movie theatre ushers (or 'floaters'), and what happens to customers who don't listen to what they say.


When you're short on cash, but you have a machette and a gas mask handy, there's only one thing to do... rob a gas station. Just make sure you're not expected.


In a world where women have been replaced by stuffed animals, a man known only as 'The Plumber' owns the title of "World's Greatest Lover". But what happens when he meets a woman who's sexual appetite even he cannot handle?


In the sequel to the critically acclaimed "The Plumber", our hero comes across a man who has stolen his title as "World's Greatest Lover". Could this mysterious man be The Plumber's long lost brother?


Why the hell do we have an official music video? Beats the hell out of us, but it sure is cool.