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Poor Luke Seviere. He injures himself getting out of bed, gets the shit kicked out of him, gets fired from work, and becomes the target of a government assasination conspiracy, all in one day.

Some guys just don't have any luck.

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Starring: Chris Miller, L. Benaquist, Dana Gibson, Chris Knight, Justin Michaud, Alex Danesco, Lolita Childress, Matthew Goltz, Bruce Robinson

Running Time: 9:50

Format: 8mm B+W Film

Director: Matthew Goltz


Notes from: Matt

Unluckiest Man in The World is my favorite of all my film work. I think it's my most ambitious in text, in entertainment value, and I think it's a good showcase for Miller's bizarre attempts at what some might refer to as "acting." It was my "Film 1" Final Project at KSC, was offered a spot in the New Hampshire Film Festival and was referred to by a Senior Student as "The best Super-8 film I've ever seen." (Thanks, Darin!)

It was also guerilla filmmkaing at it's finest. We had no permission to film anywhere, really. An MBTA commuter rail stop subbed for a Dallas train depot. We just walked into a building at random on a Saturday and shot the footage of where Luke (Chris' character) works. An abandoned building was used for the Dallas Book Depository; which we almost set fire to when a crew member tripped over a tota-light.

The film is also notable for what isn't seen, like the "Hitwoman" played by Casey Knight. Her footage was cut because I overexposed the f-stop, rendering it useless. You see, there were FOUR assassins gunning for Luke, and he was in the middle. He ducks, they shoot themselves. Geograhically, it doesn't work with only three shooters -- but nobody seems to mind. Also you miss the original ending (we ran out of film before we could shoot it), where after all the trouble we put our hero through he is hit by a bus and killed. See what happens when we try for irony?

All in all this was the political, slapstick action comedy I'd wanted to make for a while, shot in an attempt at the John McTiernan "Die Hard" photgraphic style and editing, using classical techniques to tell a subversive, absurd (and hopefully funny) story. ...and a word of advice to you filmmakers out there thinking of hiring Chris Miller as an actor: watch out if he takes a laughing fit on the set. He'll hold production up for DAYS...

Notes from: Chris

I would like to wholeheartedly apologize for my awful acting in all of these silent movies. For some reason I was under the impression that because it is silent film I had to mouth my words instead of say them out loud. Also that "laughing fit" was the best wake up scene and yet it was cut from the finished product. I smell another conspiracy.

on older versions of the site the unluckiest man ran without its accompanying soundtrack. and at 10 minutes, our longest movie to date, it was just too slow for me. i felt that the music spiced the movie up and against the wishes of matt decided to include it with the sound. so if there are any legal repercussions as matt thinks there will be i take full responsibility.