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Here are a few of the Rage Warehouse unfinished movies which we were in the process of editing when the group broke up causing me to lose the computer on which we did our editing.

Expect to see them, and more than a few others as soon as I, Chris Miller, can pull together enough cash for a new computer editing system. Check out my website for further updates, 3RD SHIFT PRODUCTIONS.


Fragile is a horror/slasher movie in which a man finds a broken clown doll in the trash that changes his life. After bringing it home and putting it back together he comes to believe that the doll is talking to him. With a bad relationship with his girlfriend he has almost no one to talk to, the only thing he can do to try and relax is make beef jerky at home and drink. Refusing to face his relationship problems he kills a woman in place of his girlfriend and disposes of the body by chopping her up and making more beef jerky out of her. He decides that he enjoys killing and at the encouragement of the clown doll kills his girlfriend one day while in the woods. He has decided that the only one he wants to be with is the clown dolls previous owner, whom he hardly knows. First he'll have to dispose of her boyfriend.

He starts having trouble when his escaped mental patient of an ex-roomate and a private detective looking for his ex-girlfriend show up and he is forced to kill again.

The story of an alcoholic loner who attempts to prove that his drinking doesn't interfere with his ability to be a productive individual. He takes the obvious route and decides to fight crime.


How bad can a blind date go?

How creepy can one guy be?

Mike Messier and Monica Dinicola star in this short movie written by Mike Messier.